Video Services
Script Development
Sound Impressions offers complete script development for all types of videos.  We specialize in videos that have technical content.  Our senior in-house producer is Dan Decker. He has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Portland State University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Portland.  Dan can assist with the concept development and script writing of your videos to ensure the marketing, training and sales objectives are achieved.
Shooting Services
Shooting services range from a single camera for collecting field data to complete coordination of location, talent and specialized equipment.  We have done everything from simple interviews to full productions for music videos with over fifty extras, multiple cameras and set creation.  Don't hesitate to give us a call if you need any type of shooting services.
Video Editing
Editing is done on our Sony Vegas digital non-linear video systems.  Non linear means that the video is stored and edited on and from a hard disk. Non linear is much faster and offers significant advantages in editing flexibility.  In addition to being more productive it is a more creative way to produce video as well.  Many third party software developers have packages that are easily integrated into your production.  We have many software packages to enhance your video production value.  These packages help make your videos more interesting and fun to watch by adding special effects, animation, morphing and still image manipulation.
Animation Creation
Have you ever seen a logo fly across the screen with moving video behind the logo?  This is done using animation.  Animation can range from making simple logos move in 3 dimensions to virtual sets with cartoon characters.  We can program all types of animation.  Sound Impressions can make your company name or images move in a 3 dimensional space giving your production real impact.
Morphing is a transition in video that changes one shape into another.  The term morphing is from the word metamorphosis.  Just like a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, one clip of video can change into something different.  You may have seen morphing in commercials and films and that process is available from Sound Impressions.
Video For Multimedia
Sound Impressions can prepare video clips in a variety of formats for your multimedia projects.  We can convert video into compatible file types for the PC and Mac platform computers.  Using our AVID workstation and other software packages we can produce the frame rate, frame size and file format to integrate into any multimedia production.  If you have video in Beta SP, U-Matic, Hi-8 mm, 8 mm, S-VHS, VHS or a digital video format we can edit the video and place it into a multimedia compatible file.  We also offer shooting services in professional Beta SP format. See the shooting services section for more information.
Duplication Services
Sound Impressions offers a complete range of duplication services.  We also offer graphics design and packaging of your videos.  Sound Impressions can also distribute your videos to your customers or retailers, eliminating the handling and stocking in your facility.  If you would like a quote give us a call or send us an e-mail.  We would be happy to discuss your duplication needs. NTSC, PAL & C-CAM DVD and video formats available.