Video Equipment List

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Video Workstation:

AVID Media Suite Pro, 20" Mitsubishi and 17" NEC monitors, Power Mac 8100 100 MHz., EDL generation for Sony, Grass Valley and CMX.

Video Recorders:

Sony UVW-1800 Beta SP, Sony V0-9800 HI-8, Sony 2600 U-matic, 10 VHS duplication Station, Panasonic DA100 Distribution Amplifier. Controllers: Sony RM-450. Monitors NEC 27", Sony 14", Sony 9" Field Monitor. Lighting: Lowell Lighting Kit with five 1000 watt fixtures, stands and gels. Camcorders Cannon L1 HI-8 mm, Magnovox SVHS, Other formats available on requests.


Elastic Reality, Logo Motion, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, KPT Bryce graphics plug-ins, Macromedia Director, Extreme 3D and X-Res, Sound Edit 16, Sound Forge and Sound Diver.

Music and Sound Effects Libraries:

Digi-fx, Hollywood Edge, Cititrax, Sound Ideas and large custom sound F/X and large music library. Custom music scoring, recording and sound effects design available.