Dan Decker:

President of Sound Impressions Inc.
Graduate of Portland State University with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering 1981.  Graduate of University of Portland with a Masters in Business Administration 1996.  Chairman of the board of directors for the NW Music Association and Portland Songwriters Association from 1996 to 2000.  Member of the board of directors for the NW Music Association and Portland Songwriters Association since 1995.  Dan has over twenty five years experience in audio and video production. Credits and skills include producer and engineer of local and nationally released music projects, audio-for-video on nationally aired commercials, video editing, script development, animation design and shooting of numerous local video productions.  Dan is responsible for directing and producing video, audio, and multimedia productions.  Dan's skills also include music composition.  Dan is an accomplished musician on guitar, bass, keyboards and computer programming of music and has composed music for video since 1991.

Nick Kellogg:

Staff Engineer and Programmer.
Nick has over eleven years of audio experience including digital editing of dialog and music for picture.  Nick is responsible for music recording, digital editing of audio, CD-ROM programming, graphics development and web page design.  His credits include over twenty records, radio spots, audio-for-video, dialog recording and editing, CD-ROM authoring and music producing.  Nicks skills also include composition, computer programming of music, as well as being an accomplished musician on guitar, bass and keyboards.  Responsibilities include audio engineering, software programming, graphics design and music composition.

Tom Jacobs :

Staff Engineer and Video Editor: Tom has been working in the music industry since 1999. In addition to studio engineering he is also active as an independent live sound engineer and video editor.


Production Assistants:

We support our industry by hosting interns finishing their school requriemtns from many audio recording schools. Responsibilities include scheduling, assisting for audio and video productions, graphics development, duplication, sales support and marketing support.

Independent Engineers and Producers:

We offer Engineers and Producers the opportunity to work in our studios. Call for more details and rates for independent Engineers and Producers. We also offer offices in our facility to independent engineers and producers that are looking to move up from their home studios to a more flexible studio.