On-Hold Message Service
On-hold messages allow you to transform your telephone hold button from a standard feature to a business information system.  On-hold messages are designed to decrease caller frustration and to reduce hang-ups.
On-hold messages are custom advertisements or community announcements that your customers hear when they are placed on hold.
On-hold messages are simple inexpensive extensions of your marketing/advertising campaign that will reach 100 percent of your target market.
On-hold messages are an informative and entertaining service that will increase your business sales by:
Educating listeners about new products or services.
Keeping customers on the line until personnel can service them.
Benefits of On-Hold Messages:
Informs your callers about your company's products and services.  Advertise upcoming events and sales.  Continuously works to sell your services or products at a one time charge.  No hidden maintenance costs.
Add On-Hold to Your Current Advertising Program.
While your clients are holding you can inform them about your services and advertise special events or sales.  Hearing a custom message makes your callers feel your company is concerned about their business and they have not been forgotten.

Take advantage of having that customer's undivided attention to promote your products and services!
Why You Need On-Hold Messages.
First impressions of your company are often made over the telephone.  If you are putting your customers on hold and they are hearing silence or the radio they could be getting the wrong impression.
Without On-Hold Messages Your Customers:
Listen to silence and wonder if they are still connected.
Hear an annoying, recurring voice only reminding them how important they are to your company.
Do not play the radio or recorded music while customers are on hold.
By playing the radio on hold your customers may hear your competitors radio advertisements. Playing the radio or recorded music is in violation of copyright laws.
Why Sound Impressions?
Sound Impressions has been providing the Pacific Northwest with professional audio productions sense 1983.  Our experience and computer digital audio technology allows Sound Impressions to make on-hold messaging easy and affordable without sacrificing audio fidelity.

Our on-hold message systems are a digital audio player or CD player connected directly into your phone system.  When it is time for a new message we will record, edit and mail you a finished product.  You simply place the cassette or CD into the machine.
Sound Impressions provides:
Editing assistance for your copy Professional voice talent, Installation and support of on hold systems