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Sound Impressions provides a complete range of multimedia services.  We develop CD-ROM programs and web pages from conception to completion.  Our in house producers and programmers can work with your company to create multimedia productions to enhance your training programs, marketing programs and advertising campaigns.

Hi-Tech Productions Are Our Specialty

We specialize in creating productions for companies that have technical products.  Our staff is technically trained and our senior producer has a BS in electrical engineering.  Working with a technically oriented producer requires much less involvement and time from your staff to create a web page or a multimedia production.

Media Creation For Multimedia

Sound Impressions not only creates complete multimedia projects we can also provide the individual components used in multimedia productions.  Sound Impressions can develop video, audio, music, animation and graphics to integrate into your multimedia productions.  We can deliver this media in any file format that you require.  Request information on the complete range of multimedia services that Sound Impressions provides.  We would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss a multimedia package that will work for your company.