Consulting Services!

Sound Impressions offers consulting for multimedia, video and audio. We are experienced with programming, computer systems and configuring hardware for production applications. We can be an extension of your operation to keep things working smoothly. The team from Sound Impressions can advise you on upgrades or installation of new hardware into your facility. We are not a re-seller so we have no vested interest in advising you to purchase equipment that you don't need. We can objectively evaluate your current configuration, optimize what you already have and consult you on upgrade options.

Dan Decker and his team are experienced in setting up studios, configuring video systems and designing multimedia. He has operated Sound Impressions Studios since 1983 and built two commercial studios himself. Dan has consulted with many project studio owners to help them with all aspects of studio operation. Dan has a degree in electrical engineering so he knows the technical side of optimizing your equipment for your specific needs.
Services Offered
Interfacing Audio, Video And Multimedia Equipment
Interfacing MIDI, Digital And Analog Audio Equipment
Acoustics Consulting And Design
Studio Construction Consulting And Design
Solving Grounding And Synchronization Problems
Optimally Configuring Your Existing Equipment
Trouble Shooting Equipment And Computer Configurations
Wiring Services To Set Up New Studios Or Editing Suites
Wiring Services To Make Changes And Upgrades To Your Existing Studios
Consulting Rates:
Audio, Video and Multimedia
Consulting $65.00/Hour
  Facility Design Per Quote
  Wiring Design Per Quote
  Wiring Assembly $35.00/Hour