Company Overview

Sound Impressions has been serving the Pacific Northwest with quality production services for a diverse clientele base since 1983.  Sound Impressions is a marketing and communication company specializing in video audio production services.  Services include web design, video production, radio commercials, audio-for-video, music production and composition, corporate videos, video duplication and audio and video for multimedia.

Our audio and video production departments feature state of the art production and post production equipment.  Sound Impressions offers broadcast quality Betacam SP for all video productions.  We also offer Digital Video with MINIDV format. Our computerized video editing facility offers exciting possibilities for improving segment transition and 3D graphics.

Audio production is done in-house using a combination of professional analog and digital recording and editing processes.  Audio-for-video is transferred from the audio editing system to the video editing system digitally so no loss of fidelity is experienced.  Audio remains in the digital domain maintaining CD fidelity until it is transferred to the Beta SP master for video productions.

CD-ROM authoring and multimedia productions are done in-house from start to finish allowing faster development and better integration of audio, video, graphics and animation.  All file formats for multimedia can be generated using our digital audio workstations.  CD-ROM authoring can be done for PCs and Apple platform computers.

 Highlights of Sound Impressions Audio and Video Production:

Broadcast quality images using our Betacam cameras and recorders. Digital MINI DV formats as well.
Computerized editing capabilities that allow for a myriad of segment transition, animation, and compositing possibilities.
Professionally written script to insure a smooth productions.
Professional audio quality using digital recording and editing from start to Beta SP master.
Professional audio formats including DAT, ADAT, 1/4" analog with Dolby SR;" and 2" analog 24-track with Dolby SR.
Experience in producing a wide variety of audio, video and multimedia productions.