We have a great mix of technology at Sound Impressions to help you achieve your audio goals.  Digital hard disk recording systems, ADAT Digital Multi-tracking, and professional analog tape formats using Dolby SR are available at Sound Impressions.  We also offer complete MIDI sequencing and a wide assortment of keyboards and sound modules.  This mix of digital, analog, and keyboard technology gives our clients the best choice for music, sound for picture and multimedia audio production and recording. Our in house engineers and producers can work with you to move your music to the next level!

Audio Transfers

Because we offer so many audio formats we also do audio transfers between formats. We can transfer your analog tapes or ADAT tapes to create .WAV, SDII and other formats so you can work in Pro-Tools, Digital Performer, Cakewalk, Logic, Nuendo and other DAW's for completing or re mixing your songs. Call for a consultation meeting for more information.