Audio Production Services
Audio Technology

We have a great mix of technology at Sound Impressions to help you achieve your audio goals.  Digital hard disk recording systems, ADAT Digital Multi-tracking and professional analog tape formats using Dolby SR are available at Sound Impressions.  We also offer a wide assortment of keyboards and sound modules.  This mix of digital, analog and keyboard technology gives our clients the best choice for sound for picture, multimedia audio production and audio recording.


Our audio-for-video services include custom music scoring, music recording, sound effects design, narration recording and digital editing.  We also can create foreign language versions for your video and coordinate the written translation as well as the voice talent.  We offer Digifx, Citytracks Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas and over 400 reels of custom sound effects. The Music Bakery, ELS and other music libraries are available as well as our extensive custom music library.  If we can not find selections of music or sound effects to fit your needs we can create them!

Radio Production

Sound Impressions as done radio spots for all types of companies.  We can work with your producer or can assist you with development of the radio spot concept.  Narration, music and sound effects are all integrated together by our audio engineers to create radio spots that will be effective.  We have an extensive library of sound effects and music.  If you require custom music or development of a signature jingle we have in house composers and musicians.  If your spots require custom sound effects we can create them with our digital audio workstations.  Services include everything from spot concept to duplication including distribution to radio stations in all formats.


With the advancements in computer technology multimedia presentations and web pages now commonly include audio.  Audio in the form or music, sound effects and narration can be created for you at Sound Impressions.  We can also format the finished audio into any file format required.  Integrating audio into your multimedia productions is simple with Sound Impressions as your audio partner.

Music Scoring Services

If your advertising campaign includes custom music (or jingles) Sound Impressions can help.  We have composers that will work with your producers or directly with your company to create custom music.  We will arrange all aspects required to create your final finished custom music recording.  We can then convert the music recording into any format required for radio, multimedia, web page and or television formats.