Music Recording / Album Production

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We have a great mix of technology at Sound Impressions to help you achieve your audio goals.  Digital hard disk recording systems, Digital Performer workstations, 24 tracks of ADAT Digital Multi-tracking and 2" 24-Track professional analog tape formats using Dolby SR are available at Sound Impressions.  We also offer complete MIDI sequencing and a wide assortment of keyboards and sound modules.  This mix of digital, analog and keyboard technology gives our clients the best choice for music production and recording.


2 Full Production Studios With Isolation Booths and One Editing Studio
60 Input DDA Console with Uptown Automation
02R Yamaha Digital Mixing Console with Full Automation
Analog 2" 24 Track With Dolby SR
24 Tracks Of ADAT Digital Recording
3-Digital Performer Workstations
Pro-Tools Digital Editing And Recording
Professional Friendly Staff
In-house Producers And Programmers
Free Consultation Meeting
Assistance With Musicians And Other Aspects Of Recording

Music Production

Sound Impressions was originally established in 1983 as a music production studio.  We have recorded numerous local, national and internationally released albums and have done countless demo tapes.  We have a great staff of knowledgeable friendly in-house engineers and have many independent engineers that work though our facility.  We can assist you with chart writing, producing and coordination of musicians.  As a full service professional facility we help you achieve your musical career goals as well as your artistic goals.

Production Approach

We only have two rules about music production.

Rule One: Give the clients what they want for production and sounds.
Rule Two: Refer to rule number one!

This means we strive to give you the production that you want.  There are no rules on how music should sound.  Every style of music and artist has different needs and requires a different approach.  Our engineers are musicians and are always willing to help you with production ideas but you or your producer always have the final say.

Digital Mastering

Digital mastering is the final step before duplication of your music project or album.  The process involves equalization, compression of the final mixes and creation of a CD that has the correct song order and time in-between songs.  This is the icing on the cake for most music projects and can also be used to even out levels and equalization between all of the songs.  We have Master Works plug-in's on our work stations as well as a wide assortment of analog compressors and equalizers to choose from to give your music a finished professional sound.

Independent Engineers

If you are an independent engineer you are welcome at Sound Impressions.  Rates for independents vary based on the project and the number of hours that they require for their clients.  Call or e-mail us for a quote.

Free Consultation Meeting / Pre-production Note

Sound Impressions offers a free consultation meeting for all audio projects.  This consists of a meeting with the engineer and artist(s) to discuss all aspects of the recording.  We review the project budget, timeline and the material to be recorded, mixed or edited.  Sound Impressions also has our "Preparing For A Recording Session" for musicians that are not experienced in recording to help them prepare for their recording project.  We also have our "Ten Tips For Selecting A Recording Studio".  These packages consist of information of how to prepare, how to write a basic chart, helpful suggestions for rehearsing and basic terminology as well as what to look for in selecting a recording studio for your project.  Essentially these packages and the meeting are to prepare clients to be as effective as possible in producing their music project.