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This is a very limited selection of albums I have worked on through the years.  Sound Impressions recorded thousands of songs and hundreds of records.  There were so many great albums recorded in the time we were in Milwaukie and Portland.  I had the pleasure to work with some amazing musicians and to mentor and work with many great young engineers.  I also had the honor to work with the dedicated and amazingly talented engineers that worked for me in my studio.  

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Al Perez


Dub Dubrie

The Cheese Stands Alone

Bart Ferguson

Salvation Road

Scott Fisher

Fleeing Towards Creation


Walking Under Water

Ken DeRouchie Band

Funk Soul Jazz Pop Rock


Our Studio

  • 1984-1987

    Early Years

    Sound Impressions studio started in my home in a small outbuilding in my back yard.  Located in Milwaukie Oregon the first studio was only about 400 square feet for both the recording area and the control room.  I purchased an AMEK Matchless console and a 3M M79 24 track, some outboard gear, and microphones and we were off!

  • 1987

    Remodel of the building

    In 1987 we expanded the building turning the old part of the building into the performance room with an Iso booth and expanded the building to have a good size control room. 

  • 1994-2008

    Built a new studio in Downtown Portland

    In 1994 a small warehouse was purchased in North Portland to begin work on a new studio.  The building would have two audio studios as well as offices and areas to expand our business to include Video Production.  As the Web developed we expanded to do Websites and all types of multimedia content.  

  • 2008 to Now

    Move to Southern Oregon

    In 2008 I closed my Portland studio to move to Lakeview Oregon.  My wife and I wanted to raise our two sons in the small town where my wife Teresa was raised. I sold off most of my gear and kept my mic's and some select outboard gear.  I now use ProTools and work "in the box" to create music and radio spots.  I will eventually build another studio here in Lakeview so I can do tracking other than overdubs.  I am focused on mixing and producing working with Portland area artists as well as local artists. 

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Musician Composer Voice Tallent

Walt Lawton

Composer, Musician and Voice Talent

Dan Decker

Producer, Engineer and Musician

Industry Professionals

Remote sessions via the internet directed from our studio in Lakeview.  

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